Kavod – Wheel of Time

The vast majority of the time that I want to find something that’s meditative in any form, I tend to go to one of three styles: heavy psych, doom metal, or psych rock. While they can be worlds apart, there is the occasion where they’re close to overlapping and it’s in those areas that we get material that’s simply ripe for meditative music to sprout forth from and blossom wondrously. It’s tonight that the case of Kavod’s latest EP led me to the realm of psych rock tonight, and it couldn’t be any more deliciously tranquil.

It’s not terribly often that I find myself crossing my legs on a mat outside looking for my sense of inner-self or balancing my energies as opposed to flicking on something even mildly psychedelic to calm myself to an incredibly calm point to become the closest I’ve ever gotten to meditating. While all three of the aforementioned styles can be immaculate to bring forth such feelings with the likes of Elder, Zaum, and My Sleeping Karma being some personal favorite examples but it’s thanks to the much smaller acts like Kavod that the styles remain alive and well to great extent with tasteful material like this to keep it going strong. There are but three tracks to be had and albeit short there is loads of euphoric tunes to be had with “Wheel of Time”. There’s nothing more with this little treat than flicking it on to simply let Kavod take you on a stupendously trippy adventure through space and time through so many different flavors and textures coming together to create a fantastically engaging listen that the word “psychedelic” only begins to touch on. It’s far from a flick of wrist task to create some quality psychedelia and mix it together with whatever genre of your choice, and there’s no doubt here that Kavod, no matter how small or new of an act they are, clearly know what they’re doing and there’s no question after listening to “Wheel of Time” along with getting lost in its rotations that there’s definite greatness to be had.

I’ve always been a sucker for some good psychedelia but, if anything, I feel that’s always made me more critical of it. Fortunately, though, not a single flicker of doubt occurred within me when I listened to “Wheel of Time” as it is easily one of the more engaging records of its kind that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. There’s no doubt in my mind that, given time, Kavod can evolve into something that can easily wash over throngs upon throngs of loyal listeners.

LISTEN to “Wheel of Time” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kavod on Facebook here.

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