Burial Remains – Trinity of Deception

There is a truly innumerable amount of bands that have tried their hands at recreating the old school style of death metal be it bands that were formed during those classic years or, for the most part, newer bands that show their reverence for those days by keeping the spirit strong in their performances. More often than not, it takes a band a good number of albums before they have everything running pretty well to put out a decent record of that style that’s filled with command and blood. Burial Remains didn’t exactly bring their debut album with a masterful understanding of the old school, but it’s a hell of a far cry from any paltry debut that we’ve seen hundreds of in recent years and this record simply soars above the competition.

Previous experience across the members of the band tend to be something that many people tend to disregard unless there’s someone big involved or it’s a supergroup of whoever from whatever bands that decided to create whatever album together. Coming from bands such a Baol, Dimaeon, and Fleshcrawl, there was plenty of talent to throw around with Burial Remains as they prepared to give us their debut, but there’s always that question of how will they pull it off? Seven tracks don’t give a band much time to work with in the world of death metal, but Burial Remains needed not a minute more with “Trinity of Deception” being a blood-boiling and immensely satisfying record from start to finish. “Trinity of Deception” has that visceral tone in the strings that many death metal fans are sure to recognize as Burial Remains dances left and right through riffs as well as brutalizing the listener with one vicious stab to the skull after another. Nothing is left to chance for the entirety of this record as Burial Remains refuses to leave out any gory aspect of their work be it through the defamation of lies, showering the realm with the guts of pus-filled zombies, or simply delivering death metal the likes of which is nigh on infectious to the highest degree. Every strike is opportune with “Trinity of Deception”, and to ask for anything better from a seemingly random debut would be to deny the glory and excellence that has been wrought here for us to bask in.

It’s been too often that I’ve heard newly formed bands try their hands at old school death metal and it just feels so… boring come the end. But that’s the exact opposite of what’s been called forth with “Trinity of Deception” as it has plenty of glory to really sink your teeth into, loads of blood to bathe in at all times, and a constant attitude that elevates this debut to become something that promises nothing short of earth-shattering greatness as this, surely, is just the tip of the corpse-ridden iceberg for Burial Remains.

“Trinity of Deception” releases on July 12th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Trinity of Deception” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Burial Remains on Facebook here.

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