Full of Hell – Weeping Choir

I’ll be honest with you – I’ve always been the kind of guy to appreciate a slower and even atmospheric experience more than I would something along the lines of grindcore. It simply catches my drift more, but, like with everything ever, there are exceptions to that for me. When I first listened to Full of Hell with their widely heard “Trumpeting Ecstacy”, I was intrigued but never figured they’d get more appealing for me. Being the equivalent to a blur for metal, it’s with their new album that Full of Hell has somehow gotten even better.

I’ve come across a good number of bands that seem to just want to be fast and loud, but there’s rarely anything of note to be had there. No enjoyment. Nothing to sink your teeth into. Simply, a boring listen. But if there’s anything that Full of Hell isn’t it’s boring for it’s their absolutely visceral sound that they’ve become modern legends of the underground in such a short time that it’s simply staggering to witness. Their productivity has only been matched by their ferocity, and I fully believe that this act has reached their pinnacle with everything that “Weeping Choir” brings to the table. It’s much like their other records that’s untold intensity and a piercing volume that permeates every possible moment, but it’s through working in impeccable rhythms and somehow feeling calculated as well as wild that enables Full of Hell to feel like another beast altogether with the all-encompassing madness of this record. Immersing yourself in the caustic audial onslaught is very odd to call satisfying, but to hear be able to douse yourself in the constant assault of sound that Full of Hell have perfected with “Weeping Choir” is the sort of thing that can only be dealt with in two ways: rejection from the uninitiated or odd reverence from those who can take the beatings.

And to say that Full of Hell isn’t my kind of band would be putting it mildly, but there is some sort of black magic that Full of Hell has done here with this record that has made it pretty damn irresistible from beginning to end as “Weeping Choir” does no less than eviscerate, shred, and immolate in any order it pleases for me. There’s a beauty to be had in this immensely ugly record, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see many people scream praises of this record as it’s surely a record that will wash over like a firestorm and be just as devastating.

“Weeping Choir” releases on May 17th via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Weeping Choir” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Full of Hell on Facebook here.

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