At Home In Hell – Self Identified Deity

There have been many times that I’ve investigated into the underground realms that death metal tends to inhabit, and it feels sometimes that there are many acts that make the style feel just as sprawling as well as stale at time. The lack of imagination or the ability to stand out amongst the crowd are things that many bands are cursed with and it can feel like a real drag if you’re looking for hours for something good but just can’t seem to get something decent. Fortunately, the band I stumbled upon tonight is leagues beyond decent and their upcoming album is nothing short of enticing.

More often than not, the bands that I come across in the death metal underground gravitate towards the sound of the old school of the style. Nothing wrong with that, but a change in pace and a fresh take can feel revolutionary at times since it feels like a lot of times no one is doing anything interesting without drifting into branching styles. It’s with their forthcoming record that the scathing crew of At Home In Hell has managed to plant their feet very firmly on the ground with this release but also set themselves apart in the world of death metal without straying too far from their core values that enable “Self Identified Deity” to be immensely and sadistically satisfying from beginning to end. And truth be told, there’s virtually nothing wrong with the sheer display of power that’s going on here as At Home In Hell delivers one hell of a performance with “Self Identified Deity” getting more delectable and more infectious with each successive track. Whether it’s the powerful riffs backed up by spectacular breakdowns, the vocals that have a tremendously awesome range, an attitude that’s all but awe-inspiring, and a fresh take on the glory of death metal done with such ease and executed with excellent expertise that it’s a wonder I’ve never heard of these guys before!

A new act that comes right out of the woodwork is the sort of shit I live for, and At Home In Hell has only reinforced that belief for me. With all the many different slabs of death metal that we’re to get for the rest of the year, I cannot help but implore you to drown yourself in the chaotic and calculated fury that is “Self Identified Deity”.

“Self Identified Deity” releases on May 5th!

PRE-ORDER “Self Identified Deity” on Bandcamp here.

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