Cloudwaters – s/t

There have been many times that I’ve sat down to listen to ambient music or material (whatever you wanna fucking call it) that I’ve sat down and expected to simply be taken. No rhythms – just pure sound that’s a descriptive as it is voiceless. It’s the type of material that I actively seek when I purposefully want to just shut my brain off and go wherever. That was very much the same attitude that I approached the new Cloudwatchers with, but it’s with immense talent and brilliant execution that these three tracks that I got something really different.

Me simply calling this record “ambient” or “atmospheric” does not encapsulate the material enough. It is that, yes, but there are actual rhythms and melodies spread throughout this trips through the clouds to such a point that the whole of this self-titled piece feels as ethereal as ambient has always been yet Cloudwatchers happily takes your hand over and over to show you beautiful sights before letting you go to marvel at the gorgeous scene you’ve been exposed to. It’s so incredibly pleasing as Cloudwatchers does everything that an ambient record is designed to do, but they bring in the subtle melodies and the rhythms at a perfect level to where you simply can’t wretch yourself away from these three tracks that allow this record to clock in over a whopping forty minutes. To be able to grasp your listener with an interesting atmosphere and give them but a thin string to tether them to the realm of existence is all but staggering to witness as this journey is far from one meant for the physical world but instead one for the spiritual realm where anything is possible with the flick of a wrist.

Such majesty over the very air itself and the sound it holds is something that many ambient acts seek out to do, but only a select few are able to overcome with resounding success like what Cloudwatchers has done here with this debut. In every form, this is a record that I can’t up recommend to any fan of the style and I will easily be sinking days into this piece as I let Cloudwatchers take the reigns of my reality over and over again.

LISTEN to “Cloudwatchers” on Bandcamp here.

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