Ultio – Fera

To enter the world of black metal is to entire a world made of pure chaos and madness (most of the time, anyway). It’s the sort of thing that you have to either really prepare yourself going into it or simply just fall right into the madness of it all to just let it take you. I’ve always been partial to the latter choice and, so far, it has yet to do me wrong and it does me justice yet again as I went into the debut EP from Ultio with no expectations. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to experience the full force of “Fera” in all of its unchecked ferocity as each track slays another helpless victim one after the other.

Many acts try to incorporate some sort of inclusion from other styles like death or doom metal to find some sort of form to make their particular brands of black metal the sort of stuff that’s easier to digest even if it’s only by a little bit. Yet, on the other hand, we get the occasional act that sticks to some of the classic ideals of black metal itself to put the listener through an audial assault that no other style can do in quite the same fashion, and it’s with merely four tracks that Ultio has accomplished just that. Such an immense amount of power that’s coupled with a raw sound that’s somehow polished in its own way is not easy to come by, yet “Fera” gives us exactly that as we are absolutely devastated by the tremendous force with which Ultio carves out portions of our souls with this EP in such a way that we can’t help but continuously come back for more and more. It’s through subtle melodies and a pang of constant hunger for flesh that Ultio churns on in all twenty minutes of this EP to make “Fera” one of the most potent exhibitions of black metal that I’ve seen for a little while, and it’s ever so savory.

Creating something that does very few things to make the listener feel more partial to the material at hand while not sparing a single ounce of intensity is something that not many acts can do well and result in something quite rewarding. But it’s with such circumstances that Ultio has come out on top, and if “Fera” is but a hint as to what this act has in store for the future then we’re in for one hell of a ride for sure.

LISTEN to “Fera” on Bandcamp here.

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