Onioroshi – Beyond These Mountains

One of the flavors and styles that I’ve noticed making some real ripples in the various communities over the year is heavy psych. It’s a sound that we’ve all heard on some occasion and it’s thanks to more recent legends like King Buffalo, Elder, and Spaceslug that the style has made a real comeback. I’ve always been interested in such a sound, but what would happen if you were to strip virtually all the vocals and tone down the heaviness just a bit? As if to answer that very question, it’s with their latest album that Onioroshi has created something that’s as meditative as it is engrossing.

Just hearing the first few minutes of “Beyond These Mountains” and then seeing the lengths of the songs was enough to get me excited as there isn’t a single track that drops beneath ten minutes, and each one is simply overflowing with plenty of psychedelic excellence paired with an eclectic progressive nature that always keeps things moving, but not making the music as crazy as one might expect from the realm of progressive rock. Instead, Onioroshi uses the progressive nature to expand into more rhythms that can easily be called mantras of sorts as it’s with riffs and tasteful atmosphere that “Beyond These Mountains” constantly pulls you back in for more as all four tracks have so much to sift through and digest. There’s very little to not become enraptured by be it losing yourself in the colorful world that Onioroshi has painted for us with immense passion, revolving around the infectious riffs that are wrapped wondrously by rhythms that are all but tantalizing, or trying to decipher the lyrics that, while quite rare, are just as ethereal as the music to make for a deadly pair. It’s in listening to “Beyond These Mountains” that you can really lose yourself as there’s so much detail to be had and the conservative approach to the heaviness that it allows these four tracks to bloom time and again to show us just what Onioroshi is made of, and it’s nothing short of scrumptious.

The world of psychedelia is one that I happily accept when it merges with rock as it creates one of the best styles in all of music if you ask me. Somehow, Onioroshi has managed to find an unusual sweet spot that’s filled with everything great about psychedelic rock while not making it so heavy as to be called a straight copy of some other acts out there, and it’s in this space that “Beyond These Mountains” really shines like very few other records.

LISTEN to “Beyond These Mountains” on Bandcamp here.

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