LTM – Shells

It’s throughout the many realms that metal has come to inhabit that there has been one corner, in particular, that’s much darker and far more malevolent on a spiritual level that not many other bands can replicate. We’ve visited that very place so many times through many acts like Howls of Ebb, Esoctrilihum, Tchornobog, and more as we delve further into that aural abyss. And while not every band is as refined in quality as those mentioned, that doesn’t make them any less worthy of the void. It’s with five tracks meant to peel away at the very soul that LTM has become welcomed into that blackness.

While I’m finding it easy to call these five chaotic tracks blackened thrash, don’t let that make you underestimate the raw power and fierce energy that’s on full display here as LTM doesn’t hold a single thing back to deliver us a listening that’s as punishing as it is menacingly colorful. “Shells”, in its simplest form, is the kind of stuff that some people will hear and almost immediately get a headache because there’s no solid, congruent form. That LTM allows this record to take in such a way that for the entirety of its duration we’re treated to an on-going, expansive reach of nothing but seething darkness that’s on the hunt for light itself. There are very few moments of solace throughout the relatively quick runtime of “Shells”, and they don’t last for very long before LTM throws in some reverberations that are handmade to get right underneath your skin so that when you come to the end of this murderous EP, you’re somehow left wondering what exactly it was you just experienced and it’s through morbid curiosity that you’ll check it out again. There’s nothing nice or welcoming about “Shells” as we see this act go out of their way at every feasible opportunity to give us a listen that’s meant to drive you away as they go so far as to even incorporate elements of noise into the mix to rattle the mind even more, and somehow it comes together in the most deliciously ominous way imaginable.

The realm in which these sorts of bands crawl forth from is the sort of thing that many people like me actively work for, but somehow those bands continue to be elusive and it’s only on occasion that one manages to slip into the light for us to examine. It’s with “Shells” that we get a peek into the immensely deranged mind of LTM and given the chance as well as enough time I wouldn’t be shocked in the slightest if this act were to return with fervor and vengeance like none other.

LISTEN to “Shells” on Bandcamp here.

LTM does not have any sort of social media that I could find, so please throw a like over on their label’s page here to stay up to date on any possible updates.

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