Cities of Mars – The Horologist

The art of potent psychedelia is the sort of thing that simply cannot get enough praise. It’s something that a seemingly infinite number of bands have tried their hands at ever since the first psychedelic music concoction, and it’s led to some truly monumental creations that we’ve been lucky enough to experience. Fortunately, that same idea has found a good home in the world of doom metal with plenty of bands employing them to create pieces that are no less than tantalizing from start to finish. Cities of Mars showed phenomenal potential with their debut, but it’s “The Horologist” that sees them blossom beautifully.

In many cases, to create something with a psychedelic nature is to create something that’s larger than life as we know. I’ve seen many acts understand this to an immense degree as we’ve gotten some truly exemplary albums from the likes of Black Space Riders, Zaum, Sleep (of course), Neurosis, and so much more, but there are some that want to take things a step further. Cities of Mars is a glorious example of that as it’s with their upcoming testaments of doomy riffs and apex sci-fi psychedelia, “The Horologist”, that we see this band become a shining beacon for their community within doom. Whereas their debut album left us wanting more even though it was immense in its own rights, it’s here with “The Horologist” that we see Cities of Mars create something that’s stupendously intoxicating to the highest degree in almost every aspect from the gripping narrative to the mind-warping riffs to the ambient soundscapes to a dynamic nature that sees this band yet again hop across the line of rock and metal as though they were born to constantly tread that line. Every moment within “The Horologist” is a carefully calculated account of a journey from the depths of black space to the shifting sands of some remote planetoid, and it’s each track that always provides something to further sink your teeth into. There’s always something to look forward to. Cities of Mars keeps you locked in for the entire listen. The riffs and atmospheres compel you to sink further into the world that Cities of Mars has crafted with this album! “The Horologist” demands your ears, imagination, and passion for excellent music in every capacity for only truly then can you say you’ve experienced this work the way it was meant to!

I feel it’s needless to say, Cities of Mars clearly knows what they’re doing now. That’s not to say they didn’t before, but in what feels like no time at all, Cities of Mars has quickly expanded their sound and became something else of another caliber to thankfully create something that’s no less than applause-worthy. Should there be any album that helms this style for some time to come, it’d be incredibly hard to top out what majesty has been made with “The Horologist”.

“The Horologist” releases on April 5th via Ripple Music!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “The Horologist” on SoundCloud here.

LIKE Cities of Mars on Facebook here.

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