Pestilent Death – Chapters of Depravity

The world of death metal is one that’s filled with an extreme amount of both highs and lows as we see bands from all over across decades taking the genre to new levels of abyssal nastiness to much more infectious and melodic highs. All of them, excellent. It’s the very bottom of the scene with its seething, bubbling mass at the base of the scene where some of the most interesting acts are bred and call home. Many heinous creations from the likes of Fetid Zombie to Under the Church have crawled forth from such a place, and it’s the name of Pestilent Death that’s risen up to show us just what their brand of death is made of.

The name of Pestilent Death is far from a new one as these LA agents of death and gore have been kicking around for almost ten years at this point, but it’s soon that we will finally get their sophomore full-length after three years since their first. To get an idea of just how depraved and vicious “Chapters of Depravity” is as an album, you merely need to glance at the cover art and you should have an idea right away as this album has it all for a record straight from the deepest depths of the death metal realm! It’s with these eight tracks that we see the exact kind of flesh-melting, gory, marrow-siphoning death metal that many of us clamor for as there’s a fantastic charm somewhere in all the raw heaviness and truth in the brutality that makes for an infectious listen! “Chapters of Depravity” is split quite close down the middle as at first we’re treated to quick morsels of real speed and intensity bound together really nicely as Pestilent Death never lets up unless it’s to unnerve you even more and thus making your more vulnerable to their daggers, and then it’s the closing few tracks that are more drawn out and branch out stylistically a bit as we get bits of slow-paced nastiness that grinds away the very spirit to glorious shreds that make the final moments of “Chapters of Depravity” truly something to behold. And when that comes to a close, it’s replaying such a vicious piece is all but irresistible.

In many ways, we’ve seen plenty of records like this before. But there’s something very interesting about this record in its unrelenting vibes of undeath and seething flesh that draws you in closer and closer with each song of “Chapters of Depravity” far from anything to scoff at. Pestilent Death may not be the most prolific name that we’ve heard and far from a popular act, but these guys have the power and the talent to create a really loyal fanbase if they produce more albums like this, and I would happily enter such a society if it meant more excellence along the lines of this beast.

“Chapters of Depravity” releases on March 22nd via Rotted Life!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Chapters of Depravity” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Pestilent Death on Facebook here.

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