Mirratal – Castaway

With all the many different styles of metal that there are to go around, it’s almost certain that everyone will have at least one style amongst them all that they’ve always thought would be a good idea to get into but simply don’t for one reason or another. For me, it’s symphonic metal. I’ve come across the style a good number of times, but it’s probably the style that I’ve heard the least out of all the ones I get a kick out of. Today, I was bent to find an album from this style that I rarely visit and I was lucky enough to come across Mirratal’s very entertaining debut.

The real problem that I’ve come across with from around the world of symphonic metal is how sometimes the band’s in question make material that is quite melodic and easy on the ears, but there’s hardly anything that grabs your attention and pulls you in. Thus, a boring listen. Luckily, such an issue is rare in of itself and it’s with Mirratal and “Castaway” that we don’t even see an inkling of such a problem. Given it’s a debut, I would’ve forgiven a misstep here or there with “Castaway” but we instead get an experience that’s as intoxicating as it is polished to make for an album that I truly don’t have any complaints about from top to bottom. Each track from this record gives us a top tier display of what the style can produce as Mirratal brings us ten strong examples of symphonic metal in such great quality the likes of which I haven’t heard in literally years with every new piece providing the same core sound but with plenty of new flavors that keeps the entirety of “Castaway” progressing at an excellent pace. It could be very easy to create something that appeals to the ears in a very bland but efficient way with some simple melodies and calling it a song, but Mirratal isn’t about something like that. It’s with their debut that they’ve created something to really be proud of with their debut and definitely something that’s ripe for building upon which will undoubtedly lead to something great in the future.

I can simply feel that’s the case after listening to “Castaway” for hours on end without realizing I lost myself within it. With a style that doesn’t feel like there are enough bands that really leap out and grab your attention, Mirratal does great work without really doing anything massively different for the style and thus breathing new life into the sound for me as a listener.

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