Tamerlan – Infinigrammaton

The vast number of times ethnic influence has been found amongst music is something truly staggering in its own right, but it’s with the worlds of folk and such other genres where the inclusion of different cultures always makes for a unique experience. I don’t often go into the genre as I tend not to fancy such things, but there’s always an album around the corner that catches my eye and tonight it was Tamerlan who caught my eye. It’s with their upcoming album that this Russian act delivers us a beautifully hypnotic array of many different styles from all across the world in no less than gorgeous fashion.

Normally, whenever I venture into the world of folk I’m greeted with a mostly smooth and typically calming experience that I can really lean back into in such a way that I can ride on the waves of whatever beauty the artists in question have brought together. However, it’s with Tamerlan that we get something a little bit more… stimulating, in a way. Where many acts would bring together many exotic tribal sounds to create a soothing experience like very few others, it’s with “Infinigrammaton” that we get a collection of especially vicious ethnic sounds that vary all over from Siberian tribes to ancient Balkan magic to really create an album that we never really get in such quality. I’ve seen plenty of acts try their hand at something like this that even attempts to pull influences from extreme metal, yet it’s Tamerlan that seems to have found an impeccable formula with ‘Infinigrammaton” as we see it all come together in no less than top fashion for these eight tracks to become something I really wasn’t expecting. Given these guys can be labelled as “death folk”, my feeble brain figured it was death metal with folk elements (I’d be there in an instant), but what Tamerlan has provided is arguably better than what I could’ve hoped for. There’s not a single moment within the confines of “Infinigrammaton” that feels boring, lacks in any sort of adventurous mysticism, or that special tribal taste and it all comes together fabulously such that it was nigh on impossible for me to stop listening once I fell into this record.

As I said, this is a style that I’m far from very experienced with but it’s precisely because of acts like this that I always find myself crawling back after not too long, and it’s clear to me now that Tamerlan is easily one of the most exceptional bands of their kind that I’ve had the fortune of stumbling across. “Infinigrammaton” is far from anything I was expecting when I sat down tonight, but I honestly could not have asked for anything better.

“Infinigrammaton” releases on March 10th via Casus Bella Musica!

LISTEN to “Infinigrammaton” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Tamerlan on Facebook here.


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