Týr – Hel

 There are many times that I’ve listened to folk metal that doesn’t have any folk instruments and I just feel as though the music in question is missing some paramount to it becoming truly good, but everything has an exception and I’m certainly no different as Týr has constantly remained as one of the folk metal bands that continues to impress me. After a very long six years without any new material, it was awesome to see these guys back at it, but it is very understandable to wonder if they had lost any of their power since then, and I can assure you without a single essence of doubt in my words that Týr has very rarely been better than with what they’ve created with this powerful record.

Bringing together the powers of heavy and folk metal is an idea that’s long been far from new, but there are very few bands that are able to keep such an idea going to where the material in question is potent enough to leave a lasting impact. Týr is without a doubt one of the bands that have been able to keep the sound going so strong for so long, and it’s with their eighth album that we see this band return from a break with material that can easily be called some of their best. It’s with “Hel” that we’re given a blinding array of melody, power, and grand Nordic tales the likes of which can only come from the North in such a wide variety and high quality. There’s something for everyone within the confines of “Hel” be it an intoxicating anthem like “Fire and Flame”, tales of exploration like “Sunset Shore”, a powerful punch like “Songs of War”, or some straight excellent melody like “Garmr”, and it all comes together to create this enrapturing experience of Nordic heaviness that we don’t get often enough anymore. Yet, as always, it’s Týr that has prevailed to provide us with just that sort of material that we’ve been clamoring for ever since their last album, and it’s only with their return that we’ve gotten it.

Sticking to such a style with such talent is something that’s only to be hailed as Týr has breathed new life into this style with just a few tracks, but it’s with the entirety of this record that we’re gifted on hell of an infectious record that does no less than grow on you with each and every listen. “Hel” in every form is something to play loud and hard at every opportunity in celebration as the kings have finally returned!

“Hel” releases on March 8th via Metal Blade Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Hel” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Týr on Twitter: @tyrband

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