Chalice of Suffering – Lost Eternally

 The world of doom is one that is so incredibly varied that it can easily become lost as it also melds into other territories of metal to give us samples of something that’s both beautiful and potent, and the combination of death and doom metal bring us quite the evocative mixture as many of us know. It’s not so much the heaviness that’s on display here as is common in both styles, but the emotion and this year already has no sort of shortage of bands for that. Yet, we keep getting more and Chalice of Suffering is the latest act to pull it off gloriously.

When it’s the emotional side of it all that takes front and center, it never really seems as though death and doom are destined to be what you will encounter as the styles seem nigh inseparable with it seeming to be the top choice for any band that seems bent to bring forth a sound that’s both uncompromising in its intensity but also wanting to fill your soul with sorrow. Chalice of Suffering is but a small name in the grand scheme, but they’ve already mastered the fine art of bringing such a concept to live beautifully as “Lost Eternally” is the trip through the most tearful of emotions that the style could ever bring forth. The vocals, in particular, are what help make “Lost Eternally” as great as it is for me, personally, as the sheer diversity and dynamic nature between the different sets work in fantastic harmony whereas the sorrow is felt through them greatly, but it’s only through the instruments as it’s also through them that a grand sense of depression and heavy-hitting emotions come barrelling in from and they all work together beautifully. It’s hard to see something that elicits emotions like these as beautiful even in a macabre sense, but it’s quick with Chalice of Suffering that we see exactly how it’s done. They don’t allow the norms of the style to tie them down too tightly, and it’s the mournful meandering made within “Lost Eternally” that makes your soul feel as though it’s just that, and I couldn’t imagine any other better vessel through that forest of mist and darkness than Chalice of Suffering in all of their grandeur.

To become monotone and even repetitive in this style, much less any style, can be real easy if you’re not looking at the style properly, but it’s with Chalice of Suffering that we see no lapse in knowledge as their organic style works gorgeously throughout all seven of these tracks that really make “Lost Eternally” an inward journey through the darkest corners of all you are on to definitely experience.

“Lost Eternally” releases on April 19th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Lost Eternally” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Chalice of Suffering on Facebook here.

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