Warfist – Grünberger

 Whenever I sit down and listen to any form of thrash, I want something that really buries itself deep into your brain and simply festers to where you can’t stop listening to it for hours and hours. Riffs aren’t mandatory but they almost always help, and it’s not all that often that thrash grips me in such a way. Hell, I probably only have a handful of thrash albums in the last few years that have really gotten my attention amongst the many that I’ve sifted through. But it’s with the newest Warfist that everything came together perfectly to deliver us a fiery album of pure speed that fucking slays from beginning to end!

The golden idea of riffage is one that is far more than well known amongst the various thrash metal acts that have ever been had in this world, but, as you might imagine, that does not mean at all that all of them know how to execute it. So many try and pull it off to varying levels of success from one up-and-coming act to the next, but it’s with the rare band like Warfist that we see the beauty of thrash mature into a grand form that’s nothing to scoff at. It’s with their third full-length of “Grünberger” that Warfist brings thrash with a black metal edge to bring even more power to their already incredibly potent sound that’s overflowing with riffs, infectious tracks, and immense power that’s not to be denied. There’s not a single track from “Grünberger” that isn’t wreathed in a glorious black metal that’s all-consuming to the core as Warfist creates a true wonder of thrash with these ten tracks being no less than fucking awesome to hear over and over again. It’s very easy for thrash to reach such heights in many instances, but to come across an album that’s as deadly and as potent as what we get with “Grünberger” is in just one track is the sort of thing that must be heard by all so that many others can bask in the fierce glory that Warfist brings to the table here for a record that’s more than likely to be among my favorites of the style for some time.

I’ve always believed that riffs, in general, were awesome but having the ability to execute them in no less than top fashion over and over again for the entirety of your record can be a real game changer for any band. Obviously, that’s the exact case with Warfist as “Grünberger” is far from an album to sleep on in any capacity, and once you hear this excellence you simply can’t stop listening.

“Grünberger” releases on February 27th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Grünberger” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Warfist on Facebook here.


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