Miscarriage – Imminent Horror

 Should you be anything like me, one of the glorious things that the underground of metal has provided us comes in the form of the seething base of itself where many insanely nasty death metal acts crawl forth from and call home. While Eremit holds the title for the heaviest that doom has ever gone for me, it’s with Miscarriage that we’re shown something completely different. Something that’s simultaneously in the metaphysical and physical planes where all is blurred and only chaos reigns true, and it’s that downward spiral into which Miscarriage takes us with their latest harrowing release.

It’s been in many scenarios and across practically every style of metal that we see a band try to implement horror elements into their work to create something that can even remotely be considered terrifying, and it’s an insanely hard task to achieve. So many things have to go right in order for such a sick and twisted nightmare to come to life, and it’s with their fifth album that Miscarriage has done just that with seven tracks the likes of which are their own unique plagues upon the earth. Right from that initial guttural roar of defiance to all things sane, “Imminent Horror” brings us just that in morbidly delicious detail. There’s not a single microsecond throughout the entirety of this acid trip gone wrong as Miscarriage delivers to us a record the likes of which the worlds of doom and sludge have always been building towards, and it would only come into existence through a band who had the balls to create something so menacing to the core. To say that “Imminent Horror” delivers to us one incredibly thick layer of soul-devouring, bloodthirsty sludge that eats every single piece of your corporeal form after another as Miscarriage has created the macabre beauty of making something so sadistic to where it becomes something to marvel at. This could be the very sound of the deepest levels of madness as the pulsating rhythms and supremely inscrutable vocals continuously rattles about inside your skull, and it becomes intoxicating the likes of which we rarely get.

We’ve all come across a band that’s described as “heavy as fuck” or something along those lines as the person in question makes the band in question seem like the peak of heaviness and all things intense, but I can almost assure you that few other things can hold a candle to the sheer force of what Miscarriage has brought to the table here as very few things can compare to the toxic psychedelia that’s on full display at all times here. This is far from anything for anyone wanting something to enjoy or find any source of solace in. It’s nothing that’s to be heard without expecting a true auditory trial that only a true few other bands can come close to. In its purest form, “Imminent Horror” is something to revere in fear as its madness and chaos is far anything to underestimate for even a second for then it will instantly obliterate all that you are.

“Imminent Horror” releases on February 22nd via Sentient Ruin Laboratories!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Imminent Horror” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Miscarriage on Facebook here.


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