Mirror of Deception – The Estuary

 Traditional doom is the sort of thing that, like almost all classic takes of any metal style, is the sort of thing that people don’t really think of too often whenever they regard doom. Sure, people look towards Black Sabbath, Sleep, and such others as those that helped helm doom into what it’s become, but what of the most underrated tastemakers? Much like today, I firmly believe it’s the underground that had the real tastemakers of each genre and doom is no different, and after well over ten years of nothing, we get to see the return of such one act: Mirror of Deception.

Something I’ve always heard whenever some people regard traditional doom is how it’s “so easy” or how you could just listen to any classic band of the style, rework the riff, and call it a song and a day. But, alas, they are fools unless they already know just how to create a sample of the genre that’s actually good and not a fucking slap job that has zero substance; something that’s the complete opposite of what Mirror of Deception has made with their comeback, “The Estuary”. Quite literally every classic and flavorful trope of the style makes an appearance in full force within these eight tracks, but, with the grace and wisdom of an act that was there near the beginning, there’s not a moment within the confines of “The Estuary” that aren’t classic German doom at its finest. From the drawn-out riffs to the brilliantly crafted atmosphere that permeates every second of this record without being too obvious, Mirror of Deception has made a dream of a comeback as “The Estuary” showcases in full detail just what made this band so alluring all that time ago, why it’s a sound we still remember fondly, and just why we need more of it in today’s climate of doom that, while the best it’s ever been in my opinion, could always use a taste of the past for special flavors that new acts don’t have.

The entirety of this record is that great breath of fresh air straight from the past that many of us have been clamoring to hear for some time now, and it’s only fitting that the return of Mirror of Deception would provide us with something as potent and fulfilling. Without fail, “The Estuary” is the precise slab of traditional doom that will surely be the standard for the style in years to come for any band thinking they have what it takes the become equal to a great band like Mirror of Deception.

LISTEN to “The Estuary” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mirror of Deception on Facebook here.

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