Merzbow – Venereology

 Anyone who looks even slightly deep into the modern world of music knows that the spirit of creativity is stronger than ever and the diversity between styles is on an unprecedented level. The realms of ambient music and especially noise are true epitomes of the unique boundaries that have been pushed in the world of music nowadays, but they aren’t new by any means. As if rising back to remind us how it was originally done, a real classic of the noise world has returned to celebrate the 25th year since the release of a true pillar of the style which has lost not a single ounce of its potency in its time.

The name of Merzbow isn’t one that I know from experience, but more out of reverence amongst many other noise acts that have noted this Japanese king of yore as a significant influence on them. I’ve never actually sat down to listen to this elusive legend, but the re-release of the venerated record that is “Venereology” is the perfect opportunity to drench myself in this electronic slaughter. And just from the first minute alone, I knew that this was going to be one of the most grueling takes on noise that I have heard thus far, and I also have a feeling it will continue to remain one as Merzbow has stood the ultimate test of time with a genre that has gained a lot of ground in recent years. “Venereology” is an incredible experience that constantly unfolds itself only to crash upon itself once more with you right in the fray as these virtual tidal waves constantly impale you with one sheer wall of force coming forth after the other. And that’s just the first track that stretches over 20 minutes! The remainder of “Venereology” stands as the exact same, but Merzbow shows his ingenious approach to noise as the following seven tracks (including two never before heard) sprawl outward across the virtual planes with pure brutality and conquering all in sight.

Truly, by the time “Venereology” comes crashing to an end, it’s not hard to see how this experience has become revered among the community of noise as you can really feel its spirit carrying on through today. Merzbow may not have put out new material since 2001, but it’s undeniable that this man’s foray into the unknown has left an indistinguishable impact on the modern music world.

“Venereology” re-releases on March 1st via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Venereology” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

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