Eyes of the Living – War On Dead – More Dead

 Creating thrash metal can often be ridiculed as being easy and something that could simply be pulled out of nowhere if it’s in the right hands, and it’s not hard to see why someone might think that. The thrash scene almost always seems to be overflowing with throngs of acts that just come in to play fast and loud, but that doesn’t always work as you need at least some form and plenty of power behind your speed to make it work, and Eyes of the Living has clearly understood that with their new album.

Many, if not all, of the acts we’ve come to know now that have hailed from thrash, can very easily have their influences tracked back to bands that literally every single metalhead knows right off the top of their head, and it’s very easy to see those influences at play in thrash today as it’s prevalent from the garages of the young punkers to experienced veterans of the genre who’ve been submerged in the style for years to finally come to bring their own thrash to the studio. Eyes of the Living is a great example of the latter, and you can really feel that all throughout “War On Dead – More Dead” as it takes plenty of what makes thrash great, and doesn’t change it. Instead, they add small tweaks here and there with some emphasis on the power behind the speed, plenty of melody amongst all the intensity to truly reel in the listener, and plenty of a fiery attitude that pierces every moment of “War On Dead” to make it a constant adrenaline rush. Thrash albums like this are a dime a dozen nowadays as it feels you could say that exact stuff about every other thrash album, but Eyes of the Living are just getting started! It’s not often that we get something this delectable so soon into a band’s career, and I can’t help but feel this band will only go up from here.

Everything about “War On Dead” from its infectious rhythms to its classy speed offers something to enjoy, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this were just the tip of the iceberg. Thrash isn’t always in the spotlight for me, but it’s with Eyes of the Living that I won’t be sleeping on, and I can’t help but ask you to do the same.

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