Chaoshorde / Satan’s Acolytes – Satanic Hordes

 After doing these reviews for almost five years at this point, it goes without saying that I’ve been lucky enough to hear an absolute menagerie of bands from all over doing all sorts of different styles. When the stars align to allow two relatively unknown acts that I’ve heard before to come together and combine forces in a split for something that I could really enjoy, it’s then that I consider myself incredibly lucky. It doesn’t happen often by any means, but it’s with the black/thrash monsters of Chaoshorde and Satan’s Acolytes that we get a blistering split.

If you’ve never heard of these two acts before, that makes complete sense as both of these bands are only just starting out, but with flavorful debuts and a fiery tenacity that is all but essential for any quality blackened thrash band it’s hard to think Chaoshorde and Satan’s Acolytes will remain quiet for too long. However, I never would’ve dared to expect these two would join forces for a demonic listen in the form a split the likes of which we are always up for, and to say that “Satanic Hordes” delivers would be putting it mildly. Each band contributes two tracks to this collab to have the runtime total a little under thirteen minutes, and in that short span of time, it’s when we see the vicious nature of these guys at play yet again. It was last year that we saw both Chaoshorde and Satan’s Acolytes take their first steps with their own respective EP’s and it’s typically now that I’d say how much these bands have grown in less than a year, but that’s far from the case as both these acts still have that new band feel to them as “Satanic Hordes” sees them still incredibly raw, unrelenting from top to bottom, and devilishly intoxicating to boot. All that is very much a treat to find within the realm of blackened thrash, but somehow these two have struck gold to make a split that’s ultimately priceless.

Splits always feel like a way to help fellow acts pimp each other out by cross-promotion with each respective band’s fanbase, and this is the exact sort of thing that I think of for that scenario and I couldn’t think of a better one! Both of these bands were on my radar to create something savage to the very core with quality at the top, but I wasn’t expecting something so good so soon.

LISTEN to Chaoshorde’s side of “Satanic Hordes” on Bandcamp here and Satan’s Acolytes’ side also on Bandcamp here, or stream the entire split via YouTube below.

LIKE Chaoshorde on Facebook here.

LIKE Satan’s Acolytes on Facebook here.

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