Norrsinnt – Dåvahugg

 Going into 2019, there was really only one band that I had on my radar for any sort of delivery of pagan metal in a way where the folk elements are especially emphasized is Wormwood. But, given how there’s still a little bit of time until that work unfurls upon the world, my need for something in that vein has become incredibly great, but I didn’t know where to find one. After floating in my inbox by the magic of Bandcamp, it’s with Norrsinnt that my need for the style has been sated for quite some time.

It’s been for a long time that the world of folk metal has been all but incredibly enticing, and it’s with nearly every fusion that it’s been through with numerous other metal styles that I’ve had immense fun picking through in the uncommon event that I actually listen to it. There’s not as much as I would like, sadly, but it’s thanks to albums like “Dåvahugg” and bands like Norrsinnt who will always keep my love for the style at a high, and these eleven tracks are eleven reasons as to why I keep coming back for more. There’s nothing about their debut album that Norrsinnt didn’t pull off in splendid fashion as we get roughly everything that one could want out of a quality pagan metal album straight out of the Scandinavian forest where the leaves sway to the rhythms and the spirits come out to rejoice. With the use of gorgeous folk instruments and attitude alongside black metal instrumentation that really embodies natures, there isn’t much with “Dåvahugg” that isn’t excellent to eat right up as Norrsinnt knows exactly where to hit at exactly the right time to make all eleven tracks immensely powerful as this debut album is as far as weak as you can hope to be.

There’s a grand amount of melody, spirit, enthusiasm, and power that all go into “Dåvahugg” beautifully comes together to bring us what’s probably the first solid piece of anything folk metal that 2019 has thrown at us, and things are already looking up if something like this is leading the charge. This is an act that I will definitely find myself crawling back to over and over again, and I can only see this act becoming even more layered and mystifying in the future.

LISTEN to “Dåvahugg” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Norrsinnt on Facebook here.


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