Un / Coltsblood – Split

 There are many bands that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience to where the instant I see they have something available, I jump on it as quick as I can. Many fans are like this with many bands, and when it comes to Un, I didn’t think I’d hear back from them so soon after their phenomenal album last year. Yet, here we are, and they’ve brought some company in the form of Coltsblood to deliver us a viciously heavy piece in the form of two monolithic tracks stretching to 21 minutes to start the year’s doom metal off in exemplary fashion!

Long-winded doom metal is something that many of us have become accustomed to in today’s climate, but some of us simply can’t get enough of it! There are few things better in all of metal for someone like me than a band that manages to take a single track, weave it into an epic piece that’s longer than some albums, and make it work like it’s nothing. Un has already become an act known for that across just two releases, and it’s with this split that they continue to prove their worth while also allowing Coltsblood to show us just watch exactly their made of and it’s just as tantalizing! Both bands bring an undeniable spirit and unquenchable heaviness across these two tracks the likes of which we simply don’t get enough and each group has something to showcase other than their mutual, massive presence that each of their tracks present. It’s with Coltsblood that we get a much more murderous feeling through their track that serves as the opening with loads of drawn-out riffs strewn about the place to make their contribution one that’s hard to shake off. Then in comes Un with their special brand that’s more on the funeral doom side much like “Sentiment” as this epic boasts all the beautiful atmosphere and haunting presence that this act has quickly mastered that gels fantastically well with Coltsblood to ultimately create a crushing listen that’s all but intoxicating come the end.

It feels like just about every year starts off strong with a whole new batch of stellar releases to kick everything off real nice, and this year is no different with the likes of Un and Coltsblood kicking things off for many of us doom fans who simply can’t get enough of that delicious heaviness. This entire split is a massively strong effort that’s something to study and love as both of these acts have created something to behold and adore as very few acts can create material the likes of this on such a high level.

“Split” releases on February 15th!

PRE-ORDER via Un on Bandcamp here or via Coltsblood on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Un on Facebook here.

LIKE Coltsblood on Facebook here.


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