Insonus – The Will To Nothingness

 The average metal fan on Bandcamp could tell you that saying there are a few atmospheric black metal acts out there would be a complete and total understatement, and trawling through them all to find something worth its own salt and thus worth mentioning can seem like a truly monumental task. But it’s actually not that hard as there’s an absolute plethora of acts that manage to stand proud and tall amongst the immensely oversaturated scene, and Insonus is a great, young example of that.

It was with their debut EP that was released a little over two years ago that Insonus made their first steps onto the scene, and they provided a style that mixed the sound of atmospheric black metal with a few depressive themes and lyrical content here and there to make their work superbly dreary to a solid effect. It’s humbling and awesome to know that this small act has own grown in quality since then as their first full-length album, “The Will To Nothingness”, expands on all of that to glorious effect. There isn’t a single aspect of this album that isn’t meant to erode the very soul and make you an absolute heap of sorrow by the end of these six tracks as Insonus does nothing but deliver immense sorrow through fantastic atmospheric black metal the likes of which we’ve all seen before. But it’s with the range of the vocals, the magnificent instrumentation that is a true herald of that texture of the style we’ve all come to know with a few fresh elements sprinkled about here and there, and the sheer quality of it all coming together beautifully that makes “The Will To Nothingness” the magnificent slab of the void that it is!

Insonus has managed to accomplish to improve their sound drastically since their debut, and it’s nothing that shouldn’t be observed as clear proof that this act has the capability to do incredibly well for itself. Should you disagree with that, then I suggest giving this act more time because if “The Will To Nothingness” is anything to learn from then we’re in a for another treat of the darkness in the future that I’ll hopefully get a taste of as well.

LISTEN to “The Will To Nothingness” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Insonus on Facebook here.

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