Unexplained Sounds Group – Active Noise Area

 It’s in the vast, sprawling, and labyrinthian world of music that many of us manage to lose ourselves in, and there will always be corners of it that will seem to be unattractive or even downright disgusting to some. A lot of people view metal that way as one of the stereotypes of the genre is how it’s “just noise”, but those people clearly haven’t seen the very literal genre of noise. It’s literally the most aggressive form of music that challenges the very definition of music itself, and it’s in this hellscape of a style that it’s formations like the Unexplained Sounds Group that help us guide our way through the madness, and they’ve done that yet again with another exemplary compilation.

It’s with each successive generation of music that we’re met with a new breed of musicians and fans that are somehow even weirder, more creative, and/or even crazier than the previous generation, and I firmly believe that this current group is the craziest by far. The world of noise is the most inhospitable and unforgiving soundscape that I’ve ever heard in my life, and it’s with “Active Noise Area” that Unexplained Sounds Group yet again showcases a grand selection of acts whose instruments are nothing but the studio, and somehow they accomplish so much. There’s not a single nice, easy, or merciful part about these nineteen acts across eighteen tracks that I’d recommend to a casual listener, but instead someone who can only be described as a sonic masochist – someone who loves a challenge and will eagerly attempt to climb a mountain of monolithic proportions even if its a release as cataclysmic as “Active Noise Area”. With each track comes a unique, but relatively similar at the same time, experience that will make your ears bleed and make the crazy persevere to see the gold amongst all this static and electronic jargon. It’s the true one of a kind form of psychedelia that pulls you in, the hypnotic nature of the electronic typhoons we’re constantly thrown into, the menagerie of effects that add even more layers to this aggressive selection, and the original exploration into the sonic hellscape of noise that makes every track from every act such an interesting listen as you can really sink your teeth into it if you’re brave enough, and there’s always so much more to find as you sift through all the pure madness and chaos.

Noise is one of those styles that I almost always enjoy going further into as it’s oddly entertaining to me with how superbly vicious it is, and Unexplained Sounds Group has delivered a true tour of the genre the likes of which I haven’t seen before, and I’m sure it’ll help guide my way through the genre in the future. “Active Noise Area” is a grand collection that’s sure to help anyone find their taste in the world of noise as all of these acts have something to offer, and not a single one is a letdown in any form.

LISTEN to “Active Noise Area” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Unexplained Sounds Group on Facebook here.

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