Isla Fortuna – Verity

 If you’re anything like me, whenever you listen to psychedelic rock you like the psychedelia at maximum capacity with riffs for fucking days to compliment everything going on real nice. It’s a sprawling landscape of a scene that has allowed the sound to become one of my favorites in all of music, but bands that tone down the psychedelic focus can still dish out quite excellent pieces, as you might imagine, and sometimes it comes from a debut album that it can be done the classiest, and it’s with Isla Fortuna that we see just that.

Whenever it comes to the island of Cyprus, I never really think of its music scene, and when I do it’s only one band that comes to mind for me, so the country isn’t exactly a hotspot in my mind whenever it comes to new music. But, like most things, I’m always open to being impressed and having my mind changed, and, like always, the universe seems out to prove my expectations wrong and it’s done just that in the form of Isla Fortuna’s surprisingly concrete debut album of “Verity”. Looking at that cover art doesn’t scream psychedelic rock of any measure, but trust me, it’s there and Isla Fortuna know how to wield it with incredible precision to make “Verity” a deadly release that’s as melodic and entertaining as it is a work that sticks true to the core ideas of the style. We’re treated to a delightful array of riffs against a background of a tasteful amount of psychedelia that comes together to form a mild interpretation of desert rock in a way, but Isla Fortuna is just organic and spontaneous enough to not allow “Verity” to fall into any one specific category other than rock, and Isla Fortuna pulls it off with an odd amount of grace with this as just their debut. It’s jam-packed with quality music and plenty of enjoyment around every corner that’s sure to get just about any rock fan’s attention, and I can only imagine what could be made with a follow-up release.

I’ve always said that debuts can be quite a tricky thing, but, somehow, I’ve been on a real nice streak with them lately. Isla Fortuna is, as you might imagine by now, is no different at all and I can easily see this act rising quick and making something that’s really something that demands to be heard if “Verity” is just a hint of what we’re to get with later releases.

LISTEN to “Verity” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Isla Fortuna on Facebook here.


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