Oldd Wvrms – Codex Tenebris

 Many times, to create a great album is to great a unique experience. Some bands manage to accomplish that by more conventional methods as they propel themselves into fame and the limelight of their corner of music, but others intentionally set out to provide us something the likes of which you just can’t listen to casually. Instead, they create albums that absorb us completely and we must pay close mind to as the material is wreathed in exquisite detail laid out by masterful hands. I never thought Oldd Wvrms would accomplish that for me, but it’s with their upcoming record that they’ve surpassed any expectation I could possibly have.

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again – I love seeing bands grow into their own. Oldd Wvrms is a name that I’ve seen before and have honestly forgotten since their 2016 album, but it’s with this album that they’ve created something that was beyond what I would’ve thought and leagues beyond in quality what so many others have tried, and failed, to accomplish. What “Codex Tenebris” does is nothing we haven’t seen before, but it’s anything but a small feat. This Belgian act brings together the flavors of doom, black, and sludge metal in an instrumental format the likes of which I always knew was possible, and the result is nothing short of much more than what I could’ve dreamed of as we’re greeted by a delicious setting of occult psychedelia that’s equal parts all-consuming, terrifying, and incredibly seductive. “Codex Tenebris” acts like a fine black vapor that manages to work its way into your mind as Oldd Wvrms weaves silken atmosphere, heavy riffage, and suspenseful pacing to keep you enthralled in their unique chasm of darkness as they lure you further and further into their hands. There’s not a single moment of “Codex Tenebris” that isn’t seeping in this mysticism that adorns every special little secret that Oldd Wvrms packs into all five of these labyrinthian tracks that serve as nothing but the corridors to their lairs of darkness as Oldd Wvrms are the heralds to our demise.

In every form, this is a special release that simply can’t be digested like a normal metal record, and that’ll become prevalent by the first ten seconds as “Codex Tenebris” wastes no time in its apex grandeur. Should this be but a taste of what Oldd Wvrms can do, then I’ve a feeling these guys can become true masters of their craft the likes of which we seldom get and that’s something to look forward to.

“Codex Tenebris” releases on February 15th via Cursed Monk Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Codex Tenebris” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Oldd Wvrms on Facebook here.


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