A Vintage Death – Acrid Death Fragrance

 In today’s climate, it can be really hard to stand out if you’re just starting out as you’ve gotta compete with the tons of other acts out there which have either been around for years or are also just starting out, honing your own talent to become something that’s what people will motion towards, and manage to sound good on top of all of that. Against those odds, it’s a miracle that we still get acts like A Vintage Death whose debut EP is a demo that’s worth much more than its own salt as this shows just what many of us hope to find in the deep recesses of the underground.

Many people, myself included until quite recently, don’t take demos as seriously as they should as many like to believe that demos are but the raw ramblings of a band that haven’t gotten their shit together enough, and just decide to give us some unmastered samples to pass for a release. But it’s that raw nature and unmodified sound that I’ve grown to appreciate demos for the untouched pieces that they are, and “Acrid Death Fragrance” is a glowing example of just that. Boasting five tracks and the ferocity that’s to be expected from any sort of extreme metal be it black, death, or doom, it’s A Vintage Death that manages to make a solid amalgamation of all of those with “Acrid Death Fragrance” as this one-man Italian machine does nothing but deliver with this flavorful debut. The clear main driving force at work here is death metal, but it’s the additions of black and doom elements that make this demo such a treat as A Vintage Death wanders between crunchy riffs and cavernous rhythms that really come together gloriously with not a single bit of these five pieces being anything that anyone would consider lackluster or even inorganic. That’s an amazingly difficult thing for any act to pull off be it consisting of one or five people, a sound with only one style or elements of several, or a debut demo or tenth full-length. It’s something that really sets apart the musicians from the wanna-be’s, and A Vintage Death is clearly the former.

First impressions have been and always will be an incredibly important thing to deliver, and A Vintage Death delivered magnificent material! “Acrid Death Fragrance” is an incredibly solid slab of underground tastiness the likes of which many of us can get behind, and I can only see this Italian act getting better with time.

LISTEN to “Acrid Death Fragrance” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE A Vintage Death on Facebook here.

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