Witchers Creed – Awakened From the Tomb…

 The original brand of doom is one of those things that have seemingly gone out of style in recent times, but there are always a few select characters out in the world who refuse to let it die. It’s not like black metal where it feels every other fucking guy is keeping the classic style going because with doom it’s a much more refined act that isn’t so easily done with mere riffs and a respect for the style. It takes guts, a real fiery passion, and the right drive to do it well, and I never thought it’d work so well on a band’s debut album, yet that’s precisely the case with Witchers Creed.

It’s so fucking easy to stumble on your first release or really only have an idea of what your goal is as a band, and it’s incredibly understandable if a band does just that as it’s something that plagues many, many acts and always will. But it’s not that simple with Witchers Creed. This band is rooted from ambitions and a love for classic metal and hard rock that’s been embedded in their hearts since childhood, and finally, after delays and already closing the book on another band, it’s with “Awakened From the Tomb…” that Witchers Creed comes to deliver us some of the best fucking traditional doom that I’ve heard in years! With a fierce tenacity and true understanding of classic doom whereas many others simply pretend to know, it’s “Awakened From the Tomb…” that has literally everything fans of the style have been clamoring for. We’re treated to a glorious display with these nine tracks as Witchers Creed masterfully hops from one riff to the next while channeling that special flavor of early metal psychedelia in a way we seldom see anymore, and it’s each track that has its own flavor to enable the entirety of this record to feel organic and immensely refreshing every single time. There’s no shortage of amazing anthems like “Depths of the Black Void”, emotional epics like “Larissa”, or simply great pieces of doom like “Monolith” to make “Awakened From the Tomb…” an amazing record from front to back without taking so much as a misstep with the direction, capability, talent, or quality that Witchers Creed has on full display at all times here.

We’ve all heard acts that have always come close to pulling off traditional doom in a way that was all but delicious, but it’s with Witchers Creed that we finally get a fresh, young act that manages to pull it off with utmost skill and grace as this record is a damned good time from front to back. If “Awakened From the Tomb…” is but a glimpse into the glory of Witchers Creed then I smell a fantastic career in the making with this flawless debut.

“Awakened From the Tomb…” releases on February 22nd via Ripple Music!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Awakened From the Tomb…” on SoundCloud here or below.

LIKE Witchers Creed on Facebook here.

FOLLOW Witchers Creed on Twitter: @witcherscreed


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