Kosmos Brenner – Cosmic Pyre

 When I sat down tonight to find something to listen to, at first I wanted something psychedelic so I went and looked for some trippy rock to end the day with, and found nothing. So then I thought something atmospheric ambient would catch my drift, but I found nothing that stood out to me. So I got a sudden craving for psychedelic doom and thought I’d find something heavy with riffs to sate my appetite. But instead, I found a much more hostile brand of psych doom in the form of Kosmos Brenner’s debut EP that’s as chaotic as it is intriguing.

Just from that cover art alone, it’s clear that Kosmos Brenner isn’t messing around in a vein of doom where we’re normally given boatloads of riffs, trippy psychedelia, and a sound that’s effortlessly traced back to material from the 70s. But it’s with “Cosmic Pyre” that we get something that’s incredibly volatile to the touch and incredibly potent despite there only being three tracks to go around even though they stretch to over 24 minutes in total. There’s nothing that’s peaceful about this brand of psychedelia as Kosmos Brenner uses a dark variety of the style to bring about a unique sensation that we don’t often get with doom where it’s a crushing experience, but more in the effects rather than the straight heaviness of the instruments. “Cosmic Pyre” becomes a very intimidating entity quite quickly as it becomes apparent real quick that this isn’t a typical casual listen as it seems this band does everything in their power to make this debut EP a grueling experience the likes of which we don’t see a lot like I said. That makes it a little bold, but Kosmos Brenner succeeds with a surprising amount of quality as there isn’t a moment in “Cosmic Pyre” that isn’t wrapped in genuine enjoyability as this young act executes the very difficult formula of aggressive doom the likes of which we don’t get often enough, and I truly can’t wait to see more from Kosmos Brenner.

It’s with debuts that bands can often feel the most unstable as it’s their first work put out so fair enough if you ask me, but it’s with “Cosmic Pyre” that we see this Norwegian act move like a solid unit to deliver a crushing experience that’s sure to draw an interesting crowd given time. Should the prowess of this EP be but a taste as what’s to come from Kosmos Brenner in the future, consider keeping an eye on this act like I shall and I can almost promise intrigue and grandeur.

LISTEN to “Cosmic Pyre” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kosmos Brenner on Facebook here.

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