Vampiric – Death Tore Through

 I’ve always been the sort of guy to really dig listening into a band’s very first steps because I love hearing something that could’ve very easily been spawned in someone’s basement or garage. It’s a very raw thing that we typically only ever get in a band’s very beginnings, and it’s something I love to eat up every now and then. It’s with Vampiric that I had the joy of satiating that desire with, and it’s with this simple EP that we get a potent but overall slightly tame slab of black and thrash metal ripe for expansion.

It’s damn near a Herculean task to make a decent impression across three tracks that together don’t even span ten minutes total, and, sure, singles are very much a thing but they’re meant as but a taste. What we get with the three tracks of “Death Tore Through” are all we get, and while I still want to hear more of what Vampiric is capable of, this EP is effective nonetheless. This take on black/thrash metal (not blackened thrash as I figured this would be at the onset) is one that I was not expecting as I thought we were going to get a vicious, even blistering, listen that brings together many modern elements of the genre with a raw edge that a band this young can easily whip up. Instead, we get a calculated display of power that feels more akin to classic metal where the brutality of thrash and black metal are certainly there, but they’re very much on a leash. Yet, despite that sounding like Vampiric made a boring set, “Death Tore Through” still manages to come across as appealing where we get a flavorful amount of speed mixed with riffs, vocals that range all over the place but feel more at home in black metal-esque territory, and an energy that just doesn’t know when to quit. Somehow, it all comes together to form a quite solid experience that shows just how young of an act this is, but also one that has the drive to constantly improve themselves, and that’s something I’d love to see.

“Death Tore Through” is the perfect example of an album with potential, but one that’s far much more of a stepping stone than anything else as we see Vampiric make an effort but it’s from now on that they move with far more confidence, and it will show in their work without a doubt.

LISTEN to part of “Death Tore Through” via YouTube here or below.

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