Ardormort – s/t

 A lot of times we see many new acts manned by just one person, and sometimes we get some truly engaging material that seems amazing that it came from the mind of a single human. But, as you might expect, there’s usually one big limitation for when it comes to a one-man band: imagination. One person can easily run their imagination dry pretty quickly to create an album, and it’s the likes of Ardormort that shows us just how to overcome such an obstacle by wholly embracing experimental execution in intriguing fashion.

Being experimental can truly make or break your sound as being bold with what new things you try can make your material sound like a grand fusion of many different elements or a fierce amalgamation that does nothing but stumble over itself time and again. Thus, it’s important to make calculated measures, but it’s understandable if it were to take a few albums to perfect such a thing. That’s not to say that Ardormort achieved that with his eponymous debut, but it’s a valiant effort, nonetheless. With the combination of doom with a very organic sound, thick atmosphere, and even synths that somehow work quite well, these seven tracks come together surprisingly well that manage to create an ethereal, cohesive experience that I, personally, haven’t seen a lot of tinkering with, and Ardormort’s tendencies to make a sharp right turn with his direction every so often is quite energetic at times. It really puts the listener in a true position of not knowing what’s coming next in a unique way as Ardormort feels as though nothing is off limits, and truly, this record benefits greatly from that level of unpredictability as it allows this man to complete freedom without having to worry about too much of a conventional structure. That’s a very big liberty that experimental acts have, and it’s clear that Ardormort has toyed that with vigor as you can really feel that all throughout this eclectic debut.

That aspect on his debut is only beginning to be explored as there’s plenty of potential and excitement to be had in this sound, and you can really hear Ardormort test himself as to how far he can stretch his chaotic but seamless sound. Very few bands like to experiment with doom in a way like this as many choose to make their doom incredibly hostile as though we were actively trying to make our ears bleed (in a good way), but it’s with this debut that Ardormort has earned the right to be held in a very small, promising enclosure of doom with acts like Promethean Misery with his quality, promise, and organic approach to a blend of metal that’s certainly not something we hear every day.

LISTEN to “Ardormort” on Bandcamp here.

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