My Darkest Time – Dawn

 Of all the different styles of doom metal that I’ve had the immense pleasure of reading over the years, one of the more specific veins of the style that I’ve never really been able to get into all that much is gothic doom. It just simply doesn’t do it for me a lot of the time, but I’m always open to being surprised and hearing something from the style in hopes that it’ll intrigue me. And it’s with My Darkest Time that I was lucky enough to get just that.

A lot of the time, I come across gothic doom that just feels so… pretentious in a way as the bands in question always feels to me as though they’re trying too hard in a way. It’s just something that I’ve never been able to sit down and take in without getting bored, but it’s with My Darkest Time that I was presented with an album that’s as organic as it is a solid shake on the concept of gothic doom in a way that’s quite delicious from front to back. “Dawn” itself even pushes itself along the line of even being called doom as My Darkest Time seemingly make an active effort to create something that’s just so different than anything that the occasional listener of the style like myself find supremely refreshing. You can really feel that all throughout “Dawn” in the way that each of these eight tracks feels ever so slightly different in their execution but they nonetheless feel like their own entities that can stand proudly on their own. Sprinkle in some flavorful melody at the best opportunities, a solid level of darkness that permeates every moment, and terrific musicianship all over from all of the gorgeous vocals on display to the sheer power of the instruments, and what you get is a volatile concoction that’s very potent on its own and something that can really be built upon to create something very special in the future. And I firmly believe that My Darkest Time can achieve such greatness from listening to “Dawn” alone much less their previous material.

Albums like this are why I always try to intentionally go out of my usual comfort zone every now and then because I just might be surprised with what I find, and that’s definitely happened tonight with “Dawn”. This Macedonian act may not have opened the floodgates for me and made gothic doom something I can’t get enough of, but My Darkest Time has made an amazing case for the style better than any other act has for me in years.

LISTEN to “Dawn” on Bandcamp here.

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