Husmanskost – Solstice

 The world of grind is something that I don’t often visit, and I’ve been very open about that as it’s a style that I’ve always wanted to hear more of but it’s really something that I need to take in great moderation. It’s simply something that I don’t want too much of in too small a time so I don’t get suddenly tired of it, and luckily that hasn’t happened yet. I wasn’t expecting to return to Husmanskost so soon after their last album, but it’s with their brand new EP that I find myself happily digging into their new material yet again.

Being able to create grind that will keep me coming back for more is something that I’ve been looking for in the grind acts that I’ve investigated, and thankfully, I can happily say that most of the ones that I check out release material the likes of which I’ll happily come crawling back for. Husmanskost is a perfect example of that as this it was with their last album that I got a healthy dosage of some lethal DIY-style grind the likes of which you can only make in your basement and with pure seething rage, and this Norwegian act did it again for “Solstice” to make their third release this year (apart from an official bootleg) a slab of madness to truly close the year with. With unbridled fury and nothing but metal equipment to call their own, there’s nothing that Husmanskost did with “Solstice” isn’t anything new than what they did with their last record that I heard, but it’s somehow even more potent. There are subtle melodies and even more homage to the classic ways of grind while still feeling incredibly fresh as Husmanskost does nothing but devastate with these four tracks. Many of us simply want something that’s fast, unrestricted, and simply destructive music that will peel your skin right off and Husmanskost has delivered just that yet again with “Solstice” being plenty of what drives many listeners to grind in the first place. And to say it’s not tasteful at least would be simply false.

While I’m no more entranced by Husmanskost than I was months ago, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that this is devastating metal from front to back and something that should definitely heard for anyone wanting to hear something truly raw. “Solstice” is everything this band stands from in all of its putrid glory, and I can tell that the demolition that Husmanskost has carried out thus far is nowhere near over and I can’t up but feel it’s only to get better.

LISTEN to Husmanskost on Bandcamp here.

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