Keor – Petrichor

 To create something new and interesting is something that many artists have been straining to do ever since music became a thing. It’s part of what drives people to make something new or at least try to, and given the glory of the internet, we’re able to hear so many unique pieces that are entities all their own that many times it’s hard to keep track of all the gripping pieces that are out there to hear. They simply get lost in the depths of the internet, and after hearing the latest material from Keor I refuse to let this record become a vague speck of progressive music.

There are many times that I find myself listening to a singular piece of music that I can’t help but describe as wholly unique in so many ways that it’s damned near impossible to pin it as a singular style except just for the sake of generalization. Works like Inter Arma’s “The Cavern” and Arkheth’s “12 Moons Comes the Witches Brew” are just two that come to mind, but it’s thanks to the continuous emergence of works like “Petrichor” that I keep looking forward to more unique pieces that stand proudly all on their own. And you can really feel that Keor feels the same way just by the passion and how truly expansive this record is from front to back without a dull moment to call its own. Simply calling Keor progressive rock would be a great injustice as, sure, most of the album sits comfortably within the domain, “Petrichor” happily dances from one distinctly different style to the next from engaging orchestration all the way to pieces that could be considered metal in some of its most chaotic moments. The majority of acts would struggle to handle just one style and make something unique out of it, but Keor fears not to really stretch his musical scope with a vast reach happily grasping at many elements from the entire spectrum of music while then masterfully bringing them together into one cohesive work that’s nigh on flavorful to make “Petrichor” a truly unique album.

I don’t often throw around the word “art” as it’s simply something I can’t use a lot of times in the world of metal unless it’s in a macabre context, but it’s with “Petrichor” that I can happily call this work art and leave it at that knowing those three letters somehow beautifully encapsulate this record. Keor hasn’t struck gold with this record, but something else entirely that will surely bring in a certain crowd who will see the value and thus revere the material as though it were gold itself.

LISTEN to “Petrichor” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Keor on Facebook here.

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