Serpent Lord – Towards the Damned

 The landscape of heavy metal itself is one that’s always interesting for someone like me to come back to every now and then as it’s something that’s always changing with many new bands coming out every so often, but it’s still deeply rooted in the classic sound and spirit that really made the genre what it was back in its infancy. I’ve always wondered what bands would help carry the style as the older legends get closer to pulling the curtains on their careers, and it’s thanks to acts like Serpent Lord that we can rest easy.

It’s not a hard task to make an album that’s worthy of being called an interesting heavy metal record as it’s been done countless times to death that it can truly be wearisome sometimes to keep up with it all as so many bands simply do cookie-cutter formulas that bring nothing new to the table, and therefore, make their material quite boring. But something as simple as theme can make your material even a little bit more gripping, and Serpent Lord clearly understands that as with their debut album, “Towards the Damned”, this Greek act channels occultism and all its relations in these ten tracks that bring a special punch and interesting flavors to the mix that otherwise would’ve made the album dismissable in its dullest moments. But should you be a fan of that classic heavy metal feel, then Serpent Lord has got everything you want here! From glorious riffage to execution that’s nigh on scrumptious to the theme that’s simply infallible, “Towards the Damned” stands proud as a record that shows us that right away Serpent Lord has the credentials to be an interesting act that fans of heavy metal should really keep an eye on in the future.

Riffs and channeling that classic heavy metal feel are sometimes all that carry a band’s debut album that carries it from forgetful to interesting at the very least. And yet again it’s thanks to bands like Serpent Lord that we can rely on that. In no small way, “Towards the Damned” is a tantalizing record that’s as well made as it is powerful to make this debut something that I’ll definitely come crawling back to.

LISTEN to “Towards the Damned” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Serpent Lord on Facebook here.

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