HolyArrow – Fight Back for the Fatherland

 History has been a long favorite subject of mine simply because there’s so much of it to sift through that you can never know truly all of it and there’s always something new to learn. I’ve always been entranced by Eastern countries with their culture and traditions, but it’s with their history that I’m incredibly foggy with and want to change. Never did I think metal would teach me history outside of acts like Sabaton, but it’s straight from China that HolyArrow gives us a grand history lesson in no less than exquisite fashion yet again.

Should you not be familiar with Chinese history, simply know that for at least hundreds if not thousands of years the country had run from one dynasty to the next. It was against the Yuan Dynasty from 1276 to 1366 that the predominantly Muslim army waged war on in the Song-Yuan Wars and the Ispah Rebellion. Just listening to “Fight Back For the Fatherland” makes me want to nose dive right into this little morsel of history as HolyArrow has done nothing but create a stellar record for such a specific time in Chinese history. The unique sound of HolyArrow is one that’s absolutely key to know should you be even a little interested in Asian metal bands, and it’s on a full glorious display in these six tracks as “Fight Back For the Fatherland” is an album that perfectly captures the special flavors of epic black metal with an especially high attention to detail that makes HolyArrow the satisfying act that it is. And given this is but the band’s second full-length album, the talent on display here is no less than exemplary as this record simply delicious and is just the sort of album that many of us have been salivating for. Everything about “Fight Back For the Fatherland” is amazingly well-crafted, cared with incredible detail, and an undeniable talent in black metal that only continues to show us the value in Asian metal where many of us tend to ignore.

I will never understand why a lot of people don’t think metal has a good representation in the Eastern countries of the world. It’s because of acts like Black Kirin, HolyArrow, Zuriaake and countless Indian bands that we get splendid albums like “Fight Back For the Fatherland”! This record is a prime example of why Asian bands should have spotlights of their own in the ever-growing metal scene, and it’s bands like HolyArrow that are right at the forefront of such a battle wielding intoxicating talent and flavorful ideas!

LISTEN to “Fight Back For the Fatherland” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE HolyArrow on Facebook here.


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