Bane – Esoteric Formulae

 There’s no shortage of bands that bring us flavors of blackened death metal by any means whatsoever with it being an ever-popular style that seems a go-to for many fans wanting to create a sound that’s much more than either style can encapsulate by themselves. Yet, we don’t often get an act that’s able to truly punch right through our headphones and deliver something exceedingly epic with every single track. But it’s with the Serbian duo of Bane that we get precisely that.

I’ve always been a firm believer in that it usually takes a band a few albums into their career to make something truly exceptional, well-rounded, and/or something that simply stands out from the rest of the style even a little if not in a big way. Naturally, there’s the occasional exception to this rule but for the most part, it holds true, and it seems to be just the case with Bane as their fifth and latest major release, “Esoteric Formulae”, sounds to be the product of much care, deliberation, and time from beginning to end. And it fucking smashes! Right from the get-go, the intro sets the stage phenomenally with an exceedingly larger-than-life backdrop for “Esoteric Formulae” immediately being placed, and the rest of the album follows suit as Bane fucking delivers time and again. From delicious riffage to uncompromising heaviness to top-choice guests to a fierce understanding of the style while also achieving a fresh sound, there’s very little about what Bane has done with “Esoteric Formulae” that I can’t get enough of. One or two or even three spins of this record is not nearly enough to squeeze out every little morsel and treat that Bane has somehow packed into these eventful and all-engrossing ten tracks that do no less than absolutely go for the throat.

There are always plenty of acts that either intentionally go out of their way to shake up the style just a little bit while others seem to do it naturally, and I feel we’ve gotten an example of the latter as Bane feels so incredibly natural and organic with this album that it’s still amazingly easy to listen to as the walls cave in around you and the ground itself gives way to the ferocity that is “Esoteric Formulae”.

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