Elderwind – The Colder The Night

 I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: there is no other single style that can capture the ever-changing spirit of nature better than atmospheric black metal. We’ve gotten an absolute array of acts that have blown us away in recent years by bringing the mountains to life, the rivers’ thoughts to lyrical form, and the tapestry of the wind to paper. Yet, one act I’ve never sat down and really listened to was the exalted but relatively young act of Elderwind. Seeing they had a new album, I figured I shouldn’t wait any longer and I can’t even begin to say how happy I am that I made that decision.

It’s really the atmospheric part of the atmospheric black metal style that obviously lends itself to bringing the spirit of nature to any record while it’s the black metal that can do just the same, but it takes a truly special act to deliver us something that’s a whole different caliber altogether. Throw in some folk metal elements into the mix you’ve easily grasped my attention, but it’s still a difficult formula to pull off. Bands like Downfall of Nur, Selvans, and Hordak have been notable acts for me, and Elderwind has always been a name I’ve known, but it’s with “The Colder The Night” that this Russian act has not only my undying attention but love as this brand new album is just about everything I could savor from an album like this. The infinitely layered and the incredibly multi-faceted intricacy that Elderwind approaches these eight lays are the exact sort of thing that makes bands like this such a fantastic treat as we’re gifted to all sorts of sonic delight throughout the entire trip through the mystical forest that’s created with “The Colder The Night”. Each track has its own curious little sprite to call its own as it guides us through the towering trees under the sky illuminated by the shining heavens as the water gushes past and the fiery destination crackles humbly in the wilderness. Elderwind not once repeats themselves in a single song much less the entire album which allows the entirety of “The Colder The Night” to truly feel like a magical journey like few others, and it’s been far too long since I’ve had the sheer pleasure of coming across something as enchanting and gorgeous as this astounding collection.

For years, the name Elderwind is one that I’ve always meant to check out but have never gotten around to out of pure laziness. Truly, I am the greatest fool as Elderwind damn near the epitome of the sound that I constantly crave for, and I cannot help but sing the praises of this record. In every single form in every single way, “The Colder The Night” is a grand experience of pure wonder and ecstasy that’s not one to skip for anything.

LISTEN to “The Colder The Night” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Elderwind on Facebook here.


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