Clouds – Dor

 More often than not, we as a people listen to music to feel better. It’s something we can all relate to, but every now and then we get something that strikes a different chord altogether. The concept of everything from losing a close one or depression is far from a topic that’s seldom covered in metal, but it’s not every day that we get an act like Clouds to tackle it. And I don’t mean to say doom metal rarely takes on such a topic, I mean it’s rare that we get something as high fuckin’ quality as we got with “Dor” because simply… this album fucks you right up from the dreary beginning to the tearful end.

We all know the pain of losing a loved one and then the further harrowing feel of nothing but pure loneliness in the aftermath in some form or another. There are so many emotions that grip the soul from denial to acceptance to grief to agony to relief to longing that are all balled up inside that can’t be expressed into words or conveyed through a single emotion. It’s such a complex thing that I’d never thought an album like this would be able to become a reality, and I’m incredibly glad it’s come in the form of Clouds’ highly anticipated third album. These guys have been a name to know of in the last few years, but it’s with “Dor” that they solidify themselves as true geniuses as these six tracks are everything I didn’t know I needed. The whole of “Dor” is something that hits you right in the heart as Clouds knows just what heartstrings to play as the whole album continues to tear down your emotional barriers until at the end you’re just a complete wreck longing for someone you’ve recently lost. So much as gone into this album from personal experience to top-notch musicianship to expertise in the genre that truly allowed “Dor” to become so much more by the time this grand work comes to a close. Not many albums are able to move the soul with great force and then continue to astonish you with how great of a listen the ensuing material is, and Clouds manages that in the first track alone.

It’s very hard to continue to type words about this record simply because of the memories it’s bringing back that are honestly making my hands shake just thinking about. This album is a true joy to listen to but it’s not at all for the weak-willed as “Dor” is depressing, it’s sad, it’s the shit that will make you want the ones gone to come back, but holy hell did Clouds hit the nail right on the head at every turn with this album!

LISTEN to “Dor” on Bandcamp here.

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