Wasted Theory – Warlords of the New Electric

 There are many things that help carry metal into the hearts of many people and the younger generations as time continues on, and one of the most compelling elements of it all is the art of the riff. It seems such an easy thing to plop down a half-decent riff and call it a single, but it’s another thing altogether to do it for an entire album while making it all sound absolutely top. Yet, we get the occasional act that manages to hit it out of the park and Wasted Theory has done that again with their sophomore effort that’s everything this vein of metal needs and deserves.

For me, the beauty of it all is in the simplicity. You can make something that’s as simple as music can get and be able to make it into an immensely enjoyable experience; no need for any supreme complexity with dozens of moving parts despite how awesome that also is. Sometimes, all you need is a riff and a beer in hand to have a damn good time, and I couldn’t think of a better act that embodies such an ideal than Wasted Theory! It was with their debut that we got a taste of what these guys were capable of, but it’s “Warlords of the New Electric” that we see just what they’re all about in all of its glory! Right from the start, we’re in the midst of this riff-filled party that doesn’t end until the final note of the album were the madness comes to an immediate stop. The constant energy brought to the table with this release is only further enhanced by the power that Wasted Theory executes perfectly as they dominate throughout all eight tracks that’s just the sort of thing many of us clamor for whenever it’s done right, and holy shit does “Warlords of the New Electric” get it right!

So much of this release is just the kind of high octane weed-influenced heavy metal that I’ve been needing more of in my life and I couldn’t have imagined it being done any better than how Wasted Theory has demonstrated here. Wasted Theory has long been an act that I’ve had my eye on ever since their debut, and it’s “Warlords of the New Electric” that I’m incredibly happy to see this band coming into their own more so than ever before.

LISTEN to “Warlords of the New Electric” on Bandcamp here.

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