Sweeping Death – In Lucid

 The art of guitar work is something that will never cease to amaze me as it’s something that I’ve tried my hand at multiple times to no great success so hearing people just dance their fingers across the fretboard is something that I’ll never get over. Progressive metal has my appreciation and admiration because of that, and thrash has my attention because of how fast it can all be. Why not combine them for a real show? Sweeping Death answers such a question for me, and their latest album is quite a show, indeed.

To be honest, I expected so much more flashy and fanciness to be going on within this record but Sweeping Death seem to be more focused on the actual quality of the show that’s happening on stage versus using flames and fancy lights with smoke to cover the fact that their material sucked. Luckily, “In Lucid” is the very opposite of a drag of a record as at every turn this thrashy progressive act shows one great trait after another while continuously providing a damned good time. The main course of this performance, however, is undoubtedly the progressive nature and attitude here as Sweeping Death uses every opportunity they have to shake things up with plenty of prog metal tropes while using the thrash elements to keep “In Lucid” fast-paced and interesting at the same time while trying new things like bringing in a piano and having vocals with brilliant range. By the end of “In Lucid”, we’ve been treated to an absolutely dazzling display of creative diversity that came together shockingly well given how many moving parts there are to this grand machine that Sweeping Death has managed to put together while managing to maintain high levels of quality, craftsmanship, and making sure that their passion comes through in the sound which they really did.

It’s the organic nature and fantastic display of musicianship that really makes this record for me, and I can’t see any fan of progressive metal not having a damn good time before diving into these nine tracks. “In Lucid” truly took me by surprise as it’s been some time since a prog record has gripped me like this, and I couldn’t be happier to see it done by the likes of a band like Sweeping Death.

LISTEN to “In Lucid” on Bandcamp here.

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