Korpsesoturi – Malus Corpus

 Everyone knows that death metal is one of the most potent forms of metal whenever it’s coming out of the incredible Scandinavia as that entire area is a haven for metalheads that never gets old and shows no signs of waning in quality nor quantity any time soon. And it’s from the very bottom of the underground and through the woodwork that we get new acts spewing forth all the time with loads of potential, but the one Finnish act that really caught my eye more than any other of late is the undeniably heavy Korpsesoturi with their all-destructive debut.

There are very few things that can come close to the joy of listening to some top-tier quality Finnish metal as that country has got what seems to be the entire spectrum of metal down to a fucking science as we’ve gotten tons of acts from the incredibly unusual like Whispered to the classic worshippers like what we have with Korpsesoturi whose debut approach to death metal is nothing short of delicious. It’s just the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from Finland, and “Malus Corpus” does nothing but enhance my love for that country and has fixated my attention on the glory that Korpsesoturi has only just started to display. Being able to start off with such a fantastic array of vicious, rotting death metal that holds nothing back is a unique joy and Korpsesoturi simply makes “Malus Corpus” a damn awesome time with these ten tracks being just the thing many death metal fans clamor for. We get no remorse whatsoever throughout all of “Malus Corpus” as Korpsesoturi slays from one track to the next through intense instrumentation, vocals that boil the blood like few others, energy that could shatter the very core of the earth, and a great sense of musicianship that really makes this band move as a single unit with everything feeling organic from start to finish.

We’ve all heard albums like this, but it’s the potency of “Malus Corpus” that gets to me as Korpsesoturi have truly hit the nail right on the head with their debut, and I’d be more than ecstatic to hear more from this act. It’s something that shows loads of promise, has plenty of room for potential despite already being filled to the brim with talent and something that’s downright noxious to the very end.

“Malus Corpus” releases on November 16th via Rotted Life!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Malus Corpus” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Korpsestouri on Facebook here.


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