Laceration – Imitation

 Of all the places in America that have become synonymous with different kinds of metal, there’s one place where thrash reigns supreme more than any other: Bay Area in classy California. We’ve gotten countless acts from the Area over the decades as they take thrash to nearly every imaginable place that it can be taken, but that doesn’t stop many bands from still trying their hand at it. Resurrecting yet again from the ashes with screams of agony and death, Laceration returns to us with a demo very worthy of the Area scene and something to be taken seriously.

It’s incredibly difficult to make an impression with a demo of any variety and even more so when it has but three tracks to listen. As the band in question, you better make damn sure your shit is fucking good from top to bottom and something that we can really sink our teeth into immediately and to say that Laceration succeeded in doing just that with “Imitation” would be a true understatement. Everything about Laceration’s take on the realm of death/thrash is the very definition of visceral as the entirety of this demo goes for the throat right off the fucking bat, and it’s so exciting and engaging! There’s not a single dull moment to be had within this trio of songs as Laceration incorporates gripping rhythms amongst all the noise and chaos that manages to grip your attention near instantly before pummeling you into the dirt, and that’s the first track before “Imitation” proceeds to make you one with the very earth. But the big thing about this demo for me is how fucking good it sounds. A lot of demos don’t sound that great because the sound itself could use some gloss to it and some polishing, but Laceration is an act that clearly thrives in the filth of the underground and is able to effortlessly make this downright nasty sounding material sound top-notch from beginning to end. Not very many acts are able to take the very spirit of underground death metal in its rawest form and make it work to their advantage, and if nothing else that shows the quality behind Laceration and then “Imitation” is just the icing right on the goddamn cake.

Dealing with many line-up changes and even not putting out any material for years and years can really destroy a band, but some like Laceration refuse to quit through tenacious spirit and the undying will to bring the intensity. There’s no debating that “Imitation” is a raw demo that takes the best of death/thrash and puts it into a straight nasty format ripe for ingestion, and I truly cannot wait to see where this band takes this sound because I will be right all over that shit the instant it hits.

“Imitation” releases on November 16th via Rotted Life!

LISTEN to an advanced song from “Imitation” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Laceration on Facebook here.

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