Iron Reagan – Dark Days Ahead

 When I heard Iron Reagan’s grand album of crossover thrash last year, “Crossover Ministry”, I figured the band would take a minor break with the members focusing on other acts like how the vocalist is in Municipal Waste which did end up releasing new material not too long after. With their split with Gatecreeper earlier this year, I figured Iron Reagan was sorting out some B-material that was leftover from the last album and it’d be at least until mid-2019 until we heard something new from my favorite crossover act. But, lo and beyond, the beast refuses to stay quiet for long as their new EP is everything we’ve come to love from this quartet of high volume.

Something that I’ve heard many people complain about when it comes to metal bands after any number of releases is how the band’s sound doesn’t really change from one release to the next. That’s something I can totally understand as after a while the sound can become stale especially if the band in question doesn’t sound like they’re really trying, but if I can hear the passion and the band pulls it off then I can listen to the same sound from the same band forever! That’s precisely what Iron Reagan is in its most punk-metal form as ever since their debut they’ve basically had the same sound, they’ve simply been tweaking and mastering it since and it’s with “Dark Days Ahead” that we yet again see these guys showing us they’re more than capable of pulling it off! Everything about these five tracks is loud, fast, and have a straight-up fuck you attitude that permeates every second of these eight minutes that manage to perfectly encapsulate what both the style and Iron Reagan have become as 2018 is coming to a close. We don’t get as tasty riffs as we did with their last two releases, but it’s the unbridled fury and the nonstop energy that makes the eight minutes of “Dark Days Ahead” an absolute joy to jam to as it’s the very soul of Iron Reagan brought to light. That’s something many of us, including myself, have come to rally towards in an instant as it’s the sign of a goddamn awesome time as there are very few crossover experiences that have been able to be as legendary as those held by Iron Reagan!

There aren’t very many bands that can sound practically the same, be so fucking productive, and a loud powerhouse that can make me as excited for new material as Iron Reagan does simply because this band knows exactly what they’re fucking doing from top to bottom, and they show no sign of stopping. “Dark Days Ahead” is a truly pleasant surprise that I couldn’t have ever expected, and it makes me all the more excited see what else Iron Reagan can be able to dish out in no less than top fashion.

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