Selvans – Faunalia

 About two years ago now, there was a collaboration between the two highly respected albeit new acts of Downfall of Nur and Selvans that really gripped the online metal scene in a big way much like the releases from both bands which are still very prominent in Bandcamp charts even years after their release. I, along with many others, have been waiting in intense anticipation to see what these two excellent bands could come up with next after such a top-tier release, and it’s with Selvans that we see our first response and what we get with their upcoming “Faunalia” is nothing short of astounding.

While throngs of people went wild over Selvans’ debut years ago, I always felt that there was something lacking in the material that didn’t reach out to me that prevented me from really enjoying it despite the material being far from bad by any means. It was with the aforementioned collaboration that Selvans struck that cord with me as “Pater Surgens” was the masterpiece that I didn’t know I needed, and I wanted more when going into the dark forest that is “Faunalia”. What was enclosed was both exactly what I asked for along with so much more as Selvans has truly learned so much and mastered far more since their lasting full-length outing three years ago. Selvans has always had a special feel to their black metal that was both raw and emotional that tapped incredibly well into the even more special blend of folk that they incorporate into their music, and it truly reaches a peak with “Faunalia” as this Italian duo has created an experience that’s gripping, multi-layered, passionate, and masterfully well done on a scale that possibly takes the cake for the genre for this year. We’re treated to so much of what Selvans has become known for with this record from two epic stretches of eclectic, atmospheric excellence that both go over 14 minutes in length along with plenty of showcases of where the black metal takes the center stage more as Selvans shows us their versatility and talent in a wide array time after time as “Faunalia” progresses.

In no small form, this album is a grand piece of the genre that demands attention and I feel good knowing this is one piece that will surely get the attention of many. Selvans has rightfully earned their place as one of the greater young Italian black metal acts to come to us in this decade as they’ve already given us a slew of stellar releases that would take other acts well over a decade to release. “Faunalia” is proof of the lasting genius behind this duo, and I feel I can speak for many others that we already can’t wait to see where else these guys take us.

“Faunalia” releases on November 2nd via Avantgarde Music!

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