This Void Inside – My Second Birth/My Only Death

 More often than not, whenever I venture into rock it’s typically into the stoner or psychedelic regions as that’s what I like more as it feels like the most unique and diversified in overall sound to me. But like I’ve always said, I like to step out of my comfort zone every now and then just to see if I find anything I like. Tonight, it’s with gothic rock that I wanted to take another stab at and it’s with This Void Inside that I found an album that was catchy, tasteful for the style, and hiding a little potential.

I typically find the gothic acts that feel really flat in their sound and don’t really try to move forward at all. By that I mean the band in question just sticks with the same exact fucking formula for the entirety of a record which makes everything feel so boring, so manufactured, and even so efficient in the worst way possible. Change in sound and a tasteful amount of diversity can really make an album an enjoyable experience, and This Void Inside clearly understands that as it’s on full display through the absolute menagerie of songs that we’re given with their latest effort, “My Second Birth/My Only Death”. This record is easily the most interesting record of gothic rock that I’ve heard in years, and so much of what This Void Inside goes for is pulled off nearly without a hitch. The plenty of variance between tracks so everything just doesn’t sound the same with the instruments being catchy, plenty of rhythms exploring the space at a tasteful pace, and the vocals match what’s going on instrumentally perfectly. It all comes together to really let “My Second Birth/My Only Death” breathe as a record instead of just a collection of songs stuck into the same space. My only lamentation here is the lyrical content with how monotone and repetitive the topic is with it feeling like it’s not changing whatsoever across the entire album and that’s so incredibly boring! It detracts from the experience, but in the end, this record still manages to leave a solid impact where far too many others wouldn’t have left an impact at all.

I truly believe that if I was listening to some lyrics much more engaging or interesting than what’s seen across fourteen tracks that This Void Inside would be starting to get on the track for something really interesting, but alas it doesn’t feel that way. Yet, I still feel like “My Second Birth/My Only Death” has plenty of hints at excellence for This Void Inside that I can easily see them exploiting to create an album that builds upon everything that’s been laid down here.

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