Jeton Hoxha – Vowel

 Being able to lay down and really immerse yourself into an atmospheric listen is a unique experience that we all know and love as it’s something that’s truly relaxing to the core. It’s something that I do every single day but there’s no other style that does it better than ambient as that’s literally the whole point to it. There’s only immersion and through that, you can get a menagerie of colors and flavors through nothing but sound. As a work of art that takes drone to a glorious place, the new piece from Jeton Hoxha is a clear spine-chiller.

The real beauty that I see in ambient music as a whole is how the pure sound can create a very specific image right before your eyes, and in my experience, I gravitate towards the darker side more than not simply because I find that more interesting so I’m always given a vision of something really dark and maybe even sinister if the right tone hits. While listening to what Jeton Hoxha has created with “Vowel” as a single 45-minute slab of drone art, I experienced this album in three different acts. First, a rolling mass of black cloud over the plains at a high speed like an infestation eating the light of the sky itself. Then, all I could see before me can only be likened to Ridley Scott’s Alien with how ominous and claustrophobic Jeton Hoxha made this section as it perfectly fits the concept of a massive ship of horrors gliding silently through the cosmic desert with no hope of safety. Finally, “Vowel” illustrates a sight very much like the cover art with a bleak figure hovering towards the coast menacingly as we watch through the lens of an eight millimeter. All that allows this single track to become easily the most engaging, immersive, all-consuming, and the most eyebrow-raising aural experience I’ve experienced since the last Tome of the Unreplenished.

It’s been so long since any album of ambient has been able to grip me like this. The last year has been pretty kind to me with plenty of good albums thrown my way from the genre and its neighbors, but it’s with “Vowel” that I’ve easily found my current peak of the genre. Jeton Hoxha has undoubtedly created a being that is to be marveled at, feared of, and listened to as it is an absolute juggernaut of a single track that I can’t help but recommend to any fan of anything like what ambient offers.

LISTEN to “Vowel” on Bandcamp here.

Jeton Hoxha does not have any sort of official media that I could find so please go like the act’s phenomenal label, Eighth Tower Records, on Facebook to keep up to date.

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