Devil Master – Manifestations

 Something that I’ve always enjoyed about smaller bands is being able to witness some random, tiny act grow into something really awesome over time. Most of the time, it takes years upon years to get to any noticeable recognition after plenty of hard, stellar work. But every now and then, a tiny act can make an incredibly lucky break by finding a pretty big label to show off their talent to an exponentially wider audience. We saw it with Sojourner just before their debut album, and it’s again that we see it with Devil Master in all of their raw, vicious glory.

A style that I’ve always been meaning to look into more is the very flavorful landscape that is blackened punk simply because it sounds like such a perfect match every time I think about it, and so far I haven’t been proven wrong. The vicious nature of black metal merges beautifully with the go-fuck-yourself attitude of punk that makes for a truly scathing experience that ends up being wreathed in riffs and loads of energy, and Devil Master is the epitome of that! As their first release on their new and fancy label (the ever-classy Relapse), “Manifestations” gives us the entire work of Devil Master, a mere two demos albeit both sold out hits, and given the overhaul through remastering and remixing, and it couldn’t be any more tantalizing! What we see with “Manifestations” is the very embodiment of the underground itself as Devil Master delivers an absolutely savage listen through these eight tracks laden with some of the rawest vocals I’ve heard, riffs that keep you gripped the entire time, and an attitude that never lets the energy die down be it in a lightning solo or a blisteringly fast beginning. There’s not a single dull moment in this compilation and it’s pulled off with no less than sheer fucking mastery to allow “Manifestations” to easily be the best introduction to a true underground act that I’ve heard for some time!

With so many acts crawling out of the underground every month of every year, it’s incredibly difficult to be able to find all the good ones as they simply don’t get a lot of promotion so most of us don’t hear it. Relapse, though, has found yet another gem in the underground as Devil Master is a fucking amazing find without a doubt with “Manifestations” being the best appetizer we’ve seen for a while, and with a debut full-length on its way early next year, we’re not far off from more excellence.

“Manifestation” releases on November 2nd via Relapse Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Manifestations” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Devil Master on Facebook here.

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