Blaze Infernal – Demo MMXVIII

 Many people love the whole idea of death metal being one of the rawest experiences that you can get in all of the music industry, and I’m one of them. However, I’ve never been too big into demos as I prefer to here a more “polished” version, but I always like to go out of my comfort zone every now and then, and sometimes I find a demo that I can really sink my teeth into and enjoy. That’s precisely the case with the first demo from this act of Indonesian metalheads.

Naturally, death metal is always going to have a raw sound to just about any style you choose from the absolute menagerie of options, but it’s with demos that we can experience it all in a completely unfiltered, pure form that can only be matched by a live performance. It can be irritating sometimes, though, as the lack of polish that mastering and such would provide can make the resulting material feel slapped together or just a flat mess, but Blaze Infernal couldn’t be any further from that. With only three tracks, this trio slides quietly into the scene to only light one small fire after another that quickly grow into an absolute torrent of flame through an attitude that plays no games and a sound that causes the blood to boil instantly. This demo is a sheer devastation packed into three tight songs that show off plenty of ferocity overflowing with riffs covered in filth, nastiness, and a fiery intensity that makes so many fans of foam at the mouth because this is the exact kind of shit that we clamor for. Blaze Infernal know exactly how to play to the strengths of death metal as they’re fast, heavy, and spare no expense whatsoever in the department of heaviness as they continue to slay one track after another to where you only want to hear more when this demo ends and holy shit I want more!

It’s not often that a demo can grip me like this. Normally, if a demo catches my eye I do the classic raised eyebrow and note the band for later in my head. With Blaze Infernal, I’m not letting this act out of my sight because you can fucking hear in this demo how Blaze Infernal has the capacity to really do something massive with their particular sound of vicious intense madness that knows no bounds.

LISTEN to this demo on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Blaze Infernal on Facebook here.


One thought on “Blaze Infernal – Demo MMXVIII

  1. Hello Vinterd,

    What a surprise of a band! I really enjoyed the first track. Intense right from the get-go. My favorite track was the second. It has great riffs and tempo changes. Great review by the way. It’s been a while since I listened to something refreshing as this.

    Have a good one,


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