Glacial Tomb – s/t

 A lot of times, it’s hard to be able to identify the next budding band of excellence in death metal given the sheer number of acts that could qualify for that and the simple fact that they aren’t that big yet (obviously) so they’re very obscure without much to go off of. But some bands simply have a solid rep before even putting out an album. Glacial Tomb definitely had that going as the band features former and current members of the powerhouse Khemmis as well as Abigail Williams, and it’s with their debut that they show us just how massive such a line-up can be.

The thing that many people tend to find not that great about straight death metal is how it can sometimes feel really monotone without any sort of range or variance in sound as the album progresses, and that’s something that I can completely understand. But given the sheer glory that is Khemmis and the minds behind the act, you’d figure that a death metal act with members from the group would make the material in question incredibly organic, powerful, and ripe with diversity, right? Well, you’d be extremely on point as that’s precisely what the eponymous debut from Glacial Tomb is in a solid nutshell. There are no dull moments with this debut as Glacial Tomb knows exactly how to keep things moving at all times while simultaneously showing off their diverse take on death metal by taking influences from practically the entire spectrum of death metal without straying too far from the path they started out on. That’s not to mention the impeccable instrumentation that causes the blood to flow at max speed without fail time after time to make the entirety of this album a nonstop ride of adrenaline that slays whoever gets in the way while managing to pulpify everything else through the sheer ferocity of the vocals. It’s truly a display that isn’t to be underestimated and is easily one of the fresher takes that I’ve seen in a little while which is always incredibly welcome.

We’ve seen true intensity time after time in death metal as that’s literally the basis of the fucking genre, but Glacial Tomb takes it to a special place as these seven tracks take the whole of the style and its subsidiaries into account without losing sight of what Glacial Tomb set out to do with their devastating approach. With all the obscure acts that come at every all the fucking time, Glacial Tomb has managed to impress with past experience from the members to execution in ways that has already set them above the rest of the competition instantly with but seven tracks.

“Glacial Tomb” releases on October 26th via Gilead Media!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Glacial Tomb” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Glacial Tomb on Facebook here.

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